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Stuffed Crust Pizza

The pizza industry has seen its fair share of groundbreaking innovation, but crust customisation is arguably the biggest. Speciality crusts like cheese-stuffed, toasted asiago, garlic butter, honey Sriracha, and garlic Parmesan have opened the door for pizzeria operators to think beyond traditional pizza dough and develop one-of-a-kind options. With a custom crust, operators can kick up the flavor and distinguish their brand with flavorful recipes that are unique to their pizzerias. 

Thin Crust Pizza

To achieve its signature light, slightly crispy texture, Neapolitan pizza must meet a very specific set of requirements. A true Neapolitan dough is hand-kneaded (no mechanical preparation whatsoever!), no more than 35 centimeters in diameter, and no more than one-third of a centimeter thick at the center. It is baked in a wood-fired, domed oven.

New York Style

New York-style crust is slightly crispy on the outside, yet soft and pliable enough to fold the big slices in half, making it easier to eat. New York-style pizza crust gets its unique flavor and texture from its high-gluten bread flour and the minerals present in New York City water, which some out-of-state pizza makers actually "import" for authenticity.


Unlike other crust types, focaccia is different in that it often is not sauced. This thick, bready dough is infused with herbs and brushed with olive oil before baking, then covered with cheeses, herbs and spices, and minimalistic toppings, allowing the crust’s flavor and texture to shine. Focaccia crust is perfect as a meal accompaniment or appetiser, but can also be used as a traditional pizza crust for a truly unique and savoury flavor.

Deep Pan Pizza

The crust for deep dish pizza (commonly known as Chicago-style deep dish) has a ledge that allows for a generous portion of toppings, cheese, and sauce — and by generous, we mean pizza slices up to 2 inches thick. The pies are baked in an oiled deep-dish pan to create a crispy, sometimes buttery, fried effect on the outside of the crust. Deep dish pizza crust commonly contains corn meal, semolina, or food colouring to give it its distinctly yellow tone and enhance its unique taste and texture.


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